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BESt™ Cassette - Type II

For amplicon detection - Discontinued

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Type II
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The BioHelix® Express Strip (BESt™) Cassette is a novel, disposable, self-contained Amplicon Detection Device. It is designed for instrument-free, cross-contamination-proof detection of amplicons derived from HDA, PCR, and other nucleic amplification reactions.


  • Cross contamination proof - Detection takes place in an enclosed, disposable cassette.
  • Sensitive - More sensitive than gel-based detection methods.
  • Fast - Takes less than one minute to prepare and results are viewable in 5-10 minutes.
  • detects two amplicons.

Detection using the BESt™ Cassette:

The BESt™ cassette is comprised of 2 individual components:

1) Amplicon Cartridge - holds a single 0.2 ml thin wall PCR tube that contains the reaction mixture, and the running buffer is contained in a separate plastic bulb.

2) Detection Chamber - This unit contains a vertical-flow test strip and holds the Amplicon Cartridge.

After the amplification reaction, Insert the tube in an amplicon cartridge next to running buffer (Fig. 1, step 1). Fold the cartridge in half and firmly close it (Fig. 1, step 2), revealing an arrow on the top. Insert the closed cartridge halfway in a detection chamber (Fig. 1, step 3), with the arrow pointing the DNA test strip: do not use force to push it down.

Keep the assembled cassette upright and lower the handle and push it into the chamber body to close the cassette (Fig. 1, step 4). The handle will push the cartridge down, and lock into place
when closed completely (Fig. 1, step 5). This will trigger the release of the amplicons, which are mixed with the running buffer at the bottom of the cassette. The mixture then vertically flows up the strip and the test results are shown as a colored line visible by the naked eye.

Figure 1. Diagrams for detection procedure.


Storage Conditions:

BESt™ amplicon detection cassettes can be stored at room temperature.  
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