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IsoAmp®III Enzyme Mix


Isothermal DNA Amplification - Research Use Only

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100 µL (50 reactions)

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IsoAmp® III Enzyme Mix is used to perform thermophilic Helicase-Dependent Amplification (tHDA), a novel method for isothermal amplification of nucleic acids. Like PCR, the tHDA reaction selectively amplifies a target sequence defined by two primers. However, unlike PCR, tHDA uses an enzyme called a helicase to separate DNA, rather than heat. This allows DNA amplification without the need for thermocycling. The tHDA reaction can also be coupled with reverse transcription for RNA analysis.

IsoAmp® III Enzyme Mix contains helicase, DNA polymerase and single-stranded DNA binding protein in a carefully optimized condition to support robust and specific amplification with reduced non-specific products due to primer-dimer. In some cases, rapid amplification may be achieved by adding more IsoAmp® III Enzyme Mix into the reaction (unpublished observation).



Figure 1. HDA Technology.





Used to amplify and detect short DNA sequences (80 - 120 bp) in tHDA reactions.

- Download Manual for IsoAmp III Universal tHDA Kit

Use of helicase to separate DNA eliminates need for thermocycler
Reactions can be performed at constant temperature.
Works with a variety of templates, including bacterial genomic DNA, viral DNA, plasmid DNA and cDNA.
As low as a single copy of target DNA can be amplified under optimized conditions.
Can be used for real-time quantitative or/and reverse transcription HDA.


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The enzymes were individually tested and confirmed free of endo- and exo-nuclease activity.




NOTICE TO PURCHASER: This product is covered by U.S. patents 7,282,328 and 7,662,594 and pending foreign patents. The purchase price of this product includes a limited, non-transferable license for research use only under the patents owned by BioHelix. No other license under these patents is conveyed expressly or by implication to the purchaser by the purchase of the product. The Product is not to be used for diagnostic purposes nor is it intended for human use. This product may not be resold, modified for resale, or used to manufacture commercial products without written approval of BioHelix Corp. Further information regarding this product may be obtained by contacting BioHelix at information@biohelix.com.

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