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IsoAmp® Factor V Leiden SNP Detection

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Factor V Leiden is the most common hereditary blood coagulation disorder in the United States. It affects about 5% of the Caucasian population. The disease is less common in Hispanics and African-Americans.

The cause of this disorder is a single nucleotide change (G to A at position 1691) of the Factor V gene, referred to as the Factor V Leiden mutation, resulting in a change in the protein sequence from an arginine to a glutamine at position 506. The mutant protein cannot be inactivated by activated protein C, which eventually leads to excess fibrin and clotting.

The IsoAmp Factor V Leiden SNP Detection Kit provides all the necessary HDA reagents and detection devices for genotyping of the Leiden mutation from purified human genomic DNA. The kit is essentially instrument free except for a heat block or water bath.
"Instrument free" genotyping
Rapid turnaround time (< 2 hours)
Easy-to-read test results

A 121 bp target fragment is amplified by isothermal Helicase Dependent Amplification (HDA) using one common primer and two allele specific primers: one for the wild type G (labeled with FI) and the other for the mutant A (labeled with DIG). After amplification, the reaction tube is placed in a Type II BESt™ cassette for genotype determination. A Wild-type allele (W) will show a visible T line and Mutant allele (M) will show a colored C line (Figure 1). Both T and C lines will be visible for a heterozygous genotype (H). It is invalid if no visible line is observed.

Figure 1. Typical results on BESt™ Cassette.
M: mutant
W: wild-type
H: heterozygous


Storage Conditions:

-20ºC; BESt™ Cassette can be stored at room temperature.  
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