BioHelix Technology Platforms
Technology Overview
  HDA Technology
  WGA Technology
  Amplification Enhancers Technology
  IsoAmp® Molecular Assay
  HDA Inside Assays
  Instrument Free Genotyping

True Isothermal Reaction
- One temperature
- Using two primers to amplify a target sequence

Versatile Platform
- Amplifying on both DNA and RNA

BioHelix Corporation is developing a rich portfolio of proprietary technologies for nucleic acid analysis and molecular diagnostics through internal research and in-licensing of novel technology. Currently, we have two unique isothermal amplification platforms: the target based-Helicase Dependant Amplification platform (HDA); and the primase-based Whole Genome Amplification platform (pWGA). In addition, we have also developed a series of amplification enhancer reagents targeted to improve all types of nucleic acid amplification reactions.

BioHelix's proprietary nucleic acid technology platforms have several advantages; including high sensitivity & specificity, ease-of-use, and low-cost. The company initially aims to commercialize assays that target the infectious disease market. With the discovery of novel biomarkers fueling the growth of the personalized medicine field, BioHelix's technology platforms are well positioned to capture these emerging markets with our simple, rapid screening tests capable of being performed at the point-of-care (POC) and; potentially even in the home.

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